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Troopers Investigate Active Disturbance on RT 8 in Litchfield

On 05/03/2024, at approximately 12:09 p.m., Troopers assigned to Troop L in Litchfield responded to Route 8 northbound in the area of Exit 41 in Litchfield for a reported disturbance. The caller indicated an altercation had occurred in the middle of the highway involving the operator of a Ford Explorer who had allegedly pepper sprayed an individual in a second vehicle and provided dispatchers the Massachusetts registration plate displayed on the Ford Explorer.


A responding Trooper observed the Ford Explorer traveling on Route 8 northbound, north of Exit 42. A motor vehicle stop was initiated and the operator of the Explorer was positively identified as Howard Vazquez, DOB 02/28/1976, of Torrington. Based upon the nature of the allegations and in the interest of safety, Vazquez was detained in handcuffs during the on-scene investigation.


While speaking with Troopers, Vazquez explained that he was traveling on Route 8 northbound near Exit 37 when he observed a vehicle, later identified as a Chevy Impala, driving erratically and making frequent lane changes. According to Vazquez, he activated his vehicle’s hazard lights and a yellow flashing light on his vehicle, drove alongside the Impala and yelled at the other operator to slow down. Vazquez further explained that in response, the front seat passenger of the Impala threw water at him. Vazquez told Troopers he pulled in front of the Impala and stopped in the left lane. As Vazquez exited the Ford Explorer he explained that he was confronted by the front seat passenger from the Impala. Vazquez alleged that the passenger struck him in the face and in response, he (Velazquez) pepper sprayed the passenger and then continued driving northbound on Route 8.


Troopers observed Vazquez’s shirt and pants to be damp. Additionally, a pepper spray device was recovered and later processed as evidence in this investigation.


Troopers then met with the operator of the Chevy Impala and his passenger, identified as Jordan Millette, DOB 01/21/1999, of Waterbury, at a separate location. Both the operator and Millette alleged that the Ford Explorer had been operating erratically and was intentionally braking abruptly as well as blocking the Impala from passing. Millette explained that during these interactions he threw water at the Ford Explorer, which made contact with its operator.


Both the Impala operator and Millette explained to Troopers that while at a stop in the left lane, the operator of the Explorer exited his vehicle, approached the Impala, and allegedly sprayed both the operator and Millette with pepper spray before returning to his vehicle and fleeing from the area. Millette further explained that he attempted to swing at the operator of the Explorer but due to his eyes being irritated from the pepper spray, Millette was unsure if he had made contact.  


Harwinton EMS responded to evaluate Millette, who declined to be transported to a hospital. Based upon the information obtained during the investigation, both Vazquez and Millette were placed under arrest. 



Jordan Millette was processed and charged with the following violations:



C.G.S. 53a-181, Breach of Peace in the Second Degree


C.G.S. 53a-61, Assault in the Third Degree



Howard Vazquez was processed and charged with the following violations:



C.G.S. 53a-60, Assault in the Second Degree


C.G.S. 53a-181, Breach of Peace in the Second Degree


C.G.S. 53a-64, Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree


C.G.S. 14-222, Reckless Driving



Vazquez and Millette were later released on $2,500 cash/surety bonds and are scheduled for arraignment on 05/17/2024 at Torrington Superior Court. 

Howard Vazquez booking photo:

Jordan Millette booking photo:


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