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Use of Force

Annual Data


For a breakdown of the types of force used, see the additional table below. 

Types of Force / Control Methods Utilized

*In instances when a CEW is deployed only to the extent that it is utilized in the arc mode as a warning and/or the illumination of the laser sight onto the subject, and no physical force was used in accordance with DESPP Policy, the incident shall still be reported on the Response to Resistance or Aggression/Injury or Complaint of Injury to Prisoner form.

**The "other" category consists of uses of force by Troopers/Officers without weapons, such as, but not limited to pressure points/control holds, takedowns, hand strikes, fist strikes, elbow strikes, knee strikes, hand-to-hand techniques and control modes with the use of the Kubaton and Expandable Police Baton. Baton and Kubaton were counted in the other category due to the infrequency of the use of the two control modes in years past.

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