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The CRISIS Initiative
Connection to Recovery through Intervention, Support & Initiating Services
Troop E Montville Pilot Program
Started May in 2017


  • To develop a collaborative team approach between the CT State Police, the Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services and to establish procedures for referring and handling of incidents involving individuals with heroin/opioid and other addiction disorders, mental health conditions and other crisis incidents.

  • To establish guidelines and protocols for the Connecticut State Police working with Southeastern Mental Health Authority, and other substance abuse and mental health organization.s.

  • To collaborate with a multi-disciplinary group of professionals  within a community coming together and establishing partnerships  designed to address the critical issues of identifying and referring individuals with heroin/opioid disorders, other addiction and mental health conditions. 


  • Provides a Licensed Clinician Social Worker (LCSW) co-located with CSP. `

  • Provides Troopers/Dispatchers with tools, to safely and effectively perform CRISIS duties

  • Mental Health and Addiction CRISIS response is immediate

  • Provides communities with a healthier quality of life

–Safer Neighborhoods

–Community Trust Building

–Enhances Community Policing through “Patrol Outreach”

  • Based on the Memphis, TN. CIT program: Responses to same location will be minimized

–Reduced utilization of manpower

–Reduces consumption of resources  i.e. Narcan

–Reduces use-of-force during CRISIS events by utilizing de-escalation techniques

–Provides a path into the DMHAS System for those seeking help

  • Over 553 referrals so far to date (as of May 2020).

  • With an additional 479 clinician follow up contacts, this has made a positive impact with the clients and the families members involved.

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For more information on CRISIS Initiative CLICK HERE

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