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Related State Police Policies

13.04.01, Weapons, Firearms & Use of Force (updated 10/01/2020)
13.04.1a, Use of Force Matrix
13.04.16, Conducted Electrical Weapons (Taser)

13.04.03, Use of Force Investigation, Review and Analysis (updated 10/01/2020)

13.07.01, Vehicle Pursuits
13.15.11, Body-Worn Cameras

Moderation of Third Party Content

Our agency’s social media pages serve as a limited public forum and all content published is subject

to monitoring. User-generated posts will be rejected or removed from view (if possible) when the content:


• is off-subject or out of context

• contains obscenity or material that appeals to the prurient interest

• contains personal identifying information or sensitive personal information

• contains offensive terms that target protected classes

• is threatening, harassing or discriminatory

• incites or promotes violence or illegal activities

• contains information that reasonably could compromise individual or public safety

• advertises or promotes a commercial product or service, or any entity or individual

• promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates

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