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Man Faces Multiple Charges in Assault, Threatening Investigation in Willington


On 05/08/2024, at approximately 8:23 a.m. Troopers assigned to Troop C were dispatched to a report of a disturbance between a male and female at a business address in Willington. Troop C desk personnel advised responding Troopers they had received a third-party 911 call reporting that a female had been physically assaulted and allegedly held at knife-point against her will. The caller further explained that the accused male was inside of a vehicle in the parking area of the business.


Responding Troopers located the accused male, later identified as Jonathan Yokabaskas, DOB: 06/23/1994, of Granby, in the front passenger seat of a vehicle, in a parking lot. Yokabaskas initially failed to comply with verbal directives issued by Troopers but was safely detained in handcuffs and patted down for possible weapons. No weapons were found on Yokabaskas’ person.


Additional Troopers made contact with the female victim, who had visible injuries to her face and hands. Based upon initial findings, it was determined that the incident met the criteria of a family violence crime.


EMS responded to the scene and the victim was subsequently transported to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment.    


The victim explained to Troopers that Yokabaskas was living in a tent, located in a wooded area off of Ruby Road in Willington. While visiting Yokabaskas at his camp site on the night of 05/07/2024, the victim alleged that Yokabaskas threatened to kill her during an argument, and she attempted to leave. According to the victim, Yokabaskas prevented her from leaving by physically forcing her to the ground. The victim further explained that while attempting to leave a second time, Yokabaskas struck her in the face, again forced her to the ground, and bound her wrists with rope, which she later convinced Yokabaskas to remove. The victim further alleged that in the hours that followed, Yokabaskas threatened to kill her and held a knife against her throat several times.


According to the victim, at approximately 8:00 a.m., she convinced Yokabaskas to allow her to use the restroom at a nearby business and the victim drove to the business accompanied by Yokabaskas. The victim further explained that upon arriving at the business, Yokabaskas remained inside of her vehicle while she went inside. Once inside, the victim contacted a family member and explained what had happened, prompting the family member to call 911.


While on-scene, Troopers asked Yokabaskas about what had occurred and Yokabaskas replied that he and the victim had been involved in a fight. When asked if he had a knife, Yokabaskas acknowledged that he possessed one but that it was not currently on his person. During a search of the passenger compartment of the vehicle, a knife with a blade measuring approximately 6 inches in length was recovered and later processed as evidence in this investigation.


Based upon the information obtained during this investigation, Yokabaskas was placed under arrest and transported to Troop C, where he was processed and charged with the following violations:


C.G.S. 29-38, Possession of a Weapon in a Motor Vehicle

C.G.S. 53a-181, Breach Of Peace in the 2nd Degree

C.G.S. 53a-61, Assault in the 3rd Degree

C.G.S. 53a-62(a(2(B, Threatening in the 2nd Degree

C.G.S. 53a-94, Kidnapping in the 2nd Degree

C.G.S. 53a-95, Unlawful Restraint in the 1st Degree


Yokabaskas was held on a $250,000 cash/surety bond and transferred to the custody of the CT Department of Correction pending his arraignment, scheduled on 05/09/2024, at Rockville Superior Court. 


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