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Major Crime Detectives Investigate Report of a Suspicious Incident in Fairfield

On 11/09/2023, at approximately 4:50 p.m., Detectives from the Western District Major Crimes Squad were requested by the Bridgeport State’s Attorney to investigate a reported suspicious incident at a building located at 100 Mona Terrace in Fairfield. This property is owned by the town and contained the physical ballots for the municipal election which occurred on 11/7/2023. The ballots were being stored in anticipation of a recount, scheduled to be conducted by state officials on 11/14/2023. Damage to a rear window screen at the property was reported and was believed to be the result of a possible burglary. Detectives responded and after conducting a thorough on-scene investigation, it was determined that there were no compromised entry points into the building, and that the damage to the window screen did not appear to be the result of criminal activity.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission was notified of the incident and elected local officials, Registrars of Voters, members of the Fairfield Police Department and the State’s Attorney’s office were present at the scene during the investigation. This is all of the information available for release at this time.


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