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**UPDATE** - Investigation into Racist Sign Board Message in Deep River

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at approximately 6:50 am, the Troop F barracks located in Westbrook was advised of a vulgar, racist message posted on the sign board at Devitt Field, located at the intersection of Main St. and Southworth St., in the town of Deep River. The sign board consists of unsecured letters that can be readily affixed to the sign. The complainant contacted police when they realized the original message had been altered.

**UPDATE** On Wednesday, August, 31, 2022, after a lengthy investigation involving forensic evidence, video footage, and witness interviews, the Deep River Resident Trooper issued a 17-year-old juvenile a summons for their alleged involvement in the incident described below, charging them with the following:

C.G.S.53a-181, Breach of Peace

C.G.S. 53-37 Ridicule on Account of Creed, Religion, Color, Denomination, Nationality, or Race.

The juvenile was released into their parent’s custody and is scheduled to appear at Middletown Juvenile Court, on 09/14/22.

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