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Troopers and Dispatcher "Swoop In" for Bald Eagle Rescue in Tolland/Vernon line on I-84

A bald eagle has a CSP dispatcher to thank for assisting in its rescue from I-84 eastbound on the Vernon-Tolland town line. On Saturday, April 8, at approximately 7:30 p.m., Troopers located the downed eagle in center median of the interstate and slowed traffic to address the winged creature. Troopers instructed the eagle to move to the safer right shoulder, but the language barrier led to communication issues. Troopers called Troop C Dispatcher Gambacorta, who also serves as a local Animal Control Officer, and she responded to assist in wrangling this bird of prey. The creature apparently did not know it was “il-eagle” to be on the highway.

Dispatcher Gambacorta and Troopers worked wing in wing to take the bald eagle into custody, transport it, and release it into the custody of Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation in Ashford.

A truly “claw-some” job by Dispatcher Gambacorta, a multi-“talon” ted rescuer! We salute Dispatcher Gambacorta and all CSP dispatchers every day, but especially during “National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week,” April 9-15.



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