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State Police Needs Your Help Identifying This Suspect

On Thursday, March 15, 2021 at approximately 11:55 a.m., an off duty Trooper was flagged down by a concerned citizen in the parking lot of the Enfield Home Depot. The concerned citizen advised the Trooper that there was a male slumped over the steering wheel in his parked vehicle near where the Trooper was parked.

The Trooper donned identifiable clothing and his body worn camera and placed his cruiser in front of the vehicle with cruise lights activated. The off-duty Trooper then approached the vehicle and observed a male asleep behind the wheel. The Trooper was able to wake the operator, who then rolled down his window. After identifying himself, the Trooper observed signs of illicit narcotic use and believed the operator was under the influence. The Trooper asked for the operator to step out of the vehicle. At this time the operator placed his vehicle in reverse, then negotiated around the Troopers cruiser and took off at a high-rate of speed in the parking lot, nearly striking the Trooper as well as several patrons exiting and entering the Home Depot.

The Trooper retreated to their cruiser and activated their emergency lights and sirens, however was forced to terminate the attempt at stopping the vehicle when it turned the wrong way down a one way divided roadway. Enfield Police were notified but attempts to locate the vehicle were not successful.

The plate on the vehicle was identified later as being cancelled and listed as a STOLEN plate. The vehicle is a 2000-2003 White Nissan Maxima with passenger side rear bumper damage. Anyone with information or tips regarding the indentity of this suspect is asked to contact Troop C at 860-896-3200 ext. 8071 or

As always, calls can be made anonymously.


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