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Stafford Resident Troopers Office Initiates a Multi-Faceted Investigation Leading to Indictments

In July of 2020, State Troopers & Officers assigned to the Stafford Resident Trooper's Office commenced a larceny investigation after the theft of several high-value power sports recreational vehicles from a local retailer. This case rapidly evolved into an in-depth, lengthy multi-jurisdictional investigation spanning several months and multiple states. Individuals in Providence, RI, were identified as part of a well-organized ring which specialized in thefts of this type of equipment.

Investigators coordinated with law enforcement in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Federal Agents (FBI/ATF) to obtain evidence, confessions, and other information needed to further this case. The Rhode Island U.S. Attorney's Office eventually assumed control of the investigation due to the multi-state and high-value aspects of this case.

With information uncovered by local/state authorities and depositions of Troopers/Officers in a grand jury, the U.S. Attorney's Office indicted nine suspects, with more indictments expected in the near future.

US Attorney's Press Release can be found at


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