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New Training Opportunities for Police Detectives

CSP and CCSU Collaborate to Offer Certification & Training in Police Investigations

The Connecticut State Police and CCSU’s Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice are proud to announce the development of a unique partnership to offer both non-credit and credit-bearing educational opportunities for state and municipal police detectives.

CCSU offers a comprehensive, one-stop option for police detectives to enhance their knowledge and skills with content tailored to the needs of detectives in Connecticut and New England.

Certificate Programs:

  • Credit-based college courses on specialized topics

  • Courses taught by qualified subject matter experts

  • Pursue undergraduate Detective Certificate or graduate Advanced Detective Certificate

  • Earn credit toward a B.A. or M.S.

Basic Certification:

  • POST credit under consideration, self-paced online course

  • Content developed by experts in police investigations

  • Overseen by the CSP Detective Methodology Program Advisory Board

  • Facilitates standardization of best practices in police investigations

More information can be found on our

Send inquiries to: Dr. Julie Schnobrich-Davis

Detective Methodology Course
Download PDF • 181KB


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