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32 New State Troopers Graduate From Academy, Take Assignments Across Connecticut - 134th Training Troop

(MIDDLETOWN, CT – December 28th, 2023)  - The Connecticut State Police today graduated 32 new State Troopers, all members of the 134th Training Troop.


Ronnell A. Higgins, Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, and Interim Colonel Daniel Loughman, Commander of the State Police, congratulated the graduating class during a ceremony held at Central Connecticut State University. Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz also attended and addressed the graduates.


The 134th Training Troop entered the Connecticut State Police Training Academy on June 16, 2023, with classes starting in a blended learning format. On July 17, 2023, the class began the residential portion of the Academy, Monday through Friday, and completed the remaining 24 weeks of training. In total, the class completed a total of 28 weeks and more than 1,500 hours of training both online and in person. In addition to classwork, the recruits spend many hours on physical conditioning, driving, firearms training, active shooter response, experiential training and other specialized areas of police work.


The 32 members of this class includes 28 men and 4 women. Members of the 134th Training Troop have diverse backgrounds, training and experience. Some are former municipal police officers or correction officers; some have been trained as firefighters and EMTs and some have military backgrounds. The youngest member of the class is 21 years old and the oldest is 43 years old.

Among the 32 graduates:

6 have military experience

2 have prior law enforcement experience

10 hold bachelor’s degrees

1 holds an advanced degree

At their graduation Thursday, the newest Troopers were sworn in by Interim Colonel Loughman and assigned to  one of 11 State Police troops located throughout Connecticut.

The graduating Troopers will be assigned as follows:

Troop A, Southbury – 3 new Troopers

Troop B, Canaan – 1 new Troopers

Troop C, Tolland – 4 new Troopers

Troop D, Danielson – 2 new Troopers

Troop E, Montville – 4 new Troopers

Troop F, Westbrook – 3 new Troopers

Troop G, Bridgeport – 4 new Troopers

Troop H, Hartford – 5 new Troopers

Troop I, Bethany – 2 new Troopers

Troop K, Colchester – 2 new Troopers

Troop L, Litchfield – 2 new Troopers

The following Troopers graduated on December 28, 2023:


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