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**UPDATE** Troopers perform Lifesaving measures on I-91 during rainstorm


Despite the valiant life-saving efforts of our Troopers, EMS, hospital staff and the flight crew that was being transported, it is with deep sadness and heavy hearts we report that the limousine driver did not survive. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the driver's family and friends during this difficult time.

On February 4th, 2022, at approximately 06:34 AM, State Police Troop H received a 911 call from a passenger in a limousine vehicle which had been traveling in the HOV lane on I-91 Northbound at Exit 35 in Windsor, when the driver of the vehicle reportedly had a medical event. The passenger stated that the driver was not conscious and unresponsive. Troopers were dispatched and responded to the scene, finding the driver unconscious and unresponsive. Troopers quickly determined the driver had no pulse and was not breathing. Troopers removed the driver from the vehicle and immediately initiated CPR, using a bag valve mask to assist with breathing. Once Windsor EMS arrived on scene, Troopers continued to assist EMS with CPR and rescue breathing. A pulse was detected in the ambulance, but the driver was still not breathing on his own. Windsor EMS advised Troopers that both medics needed to remain with the patient and administer care. EMS then requested that a Trooper drive the ambulance to Hartford Hospital. Troopers readily agreed and operated the ambulance so that EMS personnel could remain with the patient and continue to provide acute medical care. The driver of the vehicle was admitted to Hartford Hospital, where he remains under the care of medical staff.


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