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Update- Deep River Homicide Investigation

On 05/25/2024, at approximately 3:36 p.m., Connecticut State Police Troop F - Westbrook responded to a report of a disturbance at a residence located on Merriwold Lane in Deep River, Connecticut. The investigating Trooper learned that a suspect approached the residence on Merriwold Lane, threw a shovel through the front door window pane and then left. The complainants identified the suspect as someone they had recognized who was staying nearby on Maritone Lane. It was further reported to Troopers that prior to this incident, an audible disturbance was heard at the Maritone Lane address.

This information led the Investigating Trooper to 15 Maritone Lane, where he discovered an adult male with visible injuries, outdoors, at the residential property located at 15 Maritone Lane. The injured male was subsequently pronounced deceased at the scene.


The decedent was later transferred to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) for further examination. The decedent was positively identified as Bruce Feldman, DOB 02/15/1954 of West Hartford, CT.

During the initial investigation, Troopers developed information indicating that a second individual, who was no longer at the scene, had been present at 15 Maritone Lane earlier in the day. The second individual was identified as Jared Ravizza, DOB 07/08/1997, of Chilmark, MA. Personal items belonging to Ravizza were located at the scene and witnesses provided a description consistent with that of Ravizza.


Surrounding agencies in Connecticut as well as law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts were notified of this incident and provided with a description of a vehicle associated with this individual.


Shortly thereafter, Massachusetts State Police developed information indicating that the vehicle described was in the State of Massachusetts.


At approximately 7:34 p.m., Massachusetts State Police advised Connecticut State Police that Ravizza, who had been operating the vehicle described, had been taken into custody in Sandwich, Massachusetts, in connection with crimes alleged in the State of Massachusetts.


Based upon these developments, Connecticut Troopers determined that and there was no ongoing threat to the public.


This investigation in Deep River, Connecticut, remains active and ongoing. Ravizza remains in custody in the State of Massachusetts, and criminal charges in Connecticut are pending at this time.


This is all of the information available. As additional information becomes available for release it will be disseminated accordingly.


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