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Governor Lamont, Commissioner Rovella Release CT Crime Stats for 2021

Crime in Connectiut Report 2021
Download PDF • 3.26MB

Governor Ned Lamont and James Rovella, Commissioner of the State Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, today presented the "Crime in Connecticut" Report for 2021.

This report is the 44th in a series of annual reports provided by DESPP since 1978.

"Crime in Connecticut" is the state's most comprehensive compilation of crime data, providing detailed statistics on criminal offenses and arrests statewide. The publication’s source data are based upon monthly reporting of crime activity to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program at the DESPP. "Crime in Connecticut" provides police departments, administrators, legislators, advocacy groups, and the general public with important information for planning purposes.

DESPP is proud to have 100 percent participation of data contributors in the Connecticut UCR program. Connecticut law enforcement has consistently provided the necessary resources to make the Connecticut UCR program one of the most effective programs in the United States.

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