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Dog Rescued from Hot Car in New Fairfield by Police

On 7/4/22, at 1:48 pm, New Fairfield Officers and Sergeants/Troopers from the New Fairfield Resident Trooper’s Office responded to a business parking lot, for a report of a dog locked inside of a parked car. The temperature at the time was approximately 82 degrees. Officers observed a dog in distress, locked inside of a dark colored car, with its windows rolled up. It is unknown how long the dog was left unattended inside of the car. Officers broke a window and moved the dog to an air-conditioned police cruiser, where the dog’s condition improved. The New Fairfield Animal Control Officer (ACO) quickly responded to the scene and took custody of the dog. The investigation by the New Fairfield ACO remains ongoing. Per the ACO, verification of ownership, evaluation from an emergency vet and the medical records/shots are being determined. Anyone with information is asked to contact the New Fairfield Animal Control Officer.

Remember, never leave your pets alone in a car on a warm day. If you see an animal in distress in a hot car, report it to police immediately.

Approximate Vehicle Temperature:

Outside Inside Time to Reach

75 100 10 minutes

75 120 10 Minutes

85 90 5 Minutes

85 100 7-10 Minutes

85 120 30 Minutes

100 140 15 Minutes

New Fairfield
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