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234th International K-9 Training Troop Graduates, Specializing in Electronic Storage Device Detectio

The Connecticut State Police K9 Training Unit is proud to announce the graduation of the 234th International K-9 Training Troop, specializing in Electronic Storage Device Detection.

Seven K-9 Teams specially trained to detect and alert their handlers to the presence of Electronic Storage Devices will begin assisting law enforcement in keeping our communities safe upon graduation from training on March 30, 2023, at the CSP K-9 Training Unit.

The graduating Electronic Storage Device Detection K9 Teams are capable of searching for and locating electronic devices containing digital evidence to include cell phones, flash drives, SD & Micro SD Cards, concealed GPS trackers, air tags, concealed auditory & video equipment within buildings, passenger & commercial motor vehicles, luggage, parcels, open areas, and secure facilities. These K9 Teams will assist in combating crime by assisting in investigations including Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation & Child Pornography, Counter Terrorism, Homicide, Sexual Assault, Organized Crime, etc.

Law Enforcement Agencies interested in requesting the assistance of ESD K9 Teams to support active investigations or requesting seats in future ESD K9 Training & Certification Classes may contact the Connecticut State Police K9 Training Unit at or (203) 630-5656.

Graduating K9 Teams pictured are as follows:

Front Row Left to Right:

· Detective Jessica Genest & K9 Georgie (Connecticut State Police)

· Sergeant Jaime Sitko & K9 Quaid (NYPD - Counter Terrorism Bureau)

· Officer Andrew Nader & K9 Robie (NYPD - Counter Terrorism Bureau)

Back Row Left to Right:

· Officer Jason Masis & K9 Sadie (CT Department of Corrections)

· Officer Jeffrey Wilkam & K9 Hugh (NYPD - Counter Terrorism Bureau)

· Officer Mark McNair & K9 Vivian (Correctional Service of Canada)

· Officer Martin Boisvert & K9 Poppy (Correctional Service of Canada)


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