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**2022 Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Statistics - 05/27/2022**

The Connecticut State Police had 1,970 calls for service, assisted 156 motorists, responded to 109 accidents with no reported fatalities, made 10 DUI arrests, issued 154 citations for speeding and 69 seatbelt citations. We issued 113 citations for hazardous moving violations (to include: unsafe lane change, following too closely, move over, etc.). These are reflective of the time period beginning at midnight and ending at 11:59 pm, on Friday, May 27th, 2022.

2022 Memorial Day Weekend Enforcement Stats:

Calls for service: 1,970 Speeding: 154 Seatbelt violations: 69 Hazardous moving violations: 113 DUI arrests: 10 Accidents: 109

With reported injuries: 7

Fatalities: None




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