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Troopers Respond to Report of Active Burglary, Mansfield Man Taken Into Custody

On 11/07/2023, at approximately 7:32 p.m., Troop C dispatch received a 911 call from a complainant reporting a disturbance at their residence in Mansfield. The complainant reported that a male was outside of the residence, banging on doors and actively attempting to gain entry to the house. As Troopers were responding to the address, dispatchers advised them that the male was reported to have gained entry to the residence through a basement door and that the still-open 911 call had gone quiet.

Upon entering the residence, Troopers located and detained the male suspect within the basement of the residence. The Troopers determined that the same male, identified as Keith Haddad, DOB 12/01/1985, of Mansfield, had been directed by State Police to leave the complainant’s property and not return earlier that same day, at the request of the complainant.

During the evening on-scene investigation, it was determined that Haddad had forced entry through the basement door of the residence in an apparent effort to confront the complainant about the incident which had occurred earlier in the day.

The complainant indicated that all of the doors to the residence had been locked and that when Haddad forced entry, he caused significant damage to the doorway. The complainant went on to explain that after entering through the basement, Haddad proceeded to the upper level of the home to locate the complainant in their bedroom. According to the complainant, Haddad was yelling through the closed bedroom door about the Troopers’ prior response to the residence and then forced his way through the bedroom door, causing a minor injury to the complainant’s arm. The complainant further explained that Haddad allegedly pushed them against a wall and continued yelling before grabbing their cell phone, which was still connected to the 911 call and throwing it, rendering it inoperable. A witness inside of the residence at the time of the incident told the complainant to run and get out of the house. The complainant explained to Troopers that they were in fear for their safety and that when Haddad threw the cell phone, they were able to run past Haddad to a neighbor’s home.

At approximately 7:45 p.m., Haddad was placed under arrest and transported to Troop C, where he was processed and charged with the following:

C.G.S. 53a-182, Disorderly Conduct

C.G.S. 53a-183b, Interfering with a 911 Call.

C.G.S. 53a-117, Criminal Mischief in the 2nd Degree

C.G.S. 53a-100a, Home Invasion

C.G.S. 53a-101, Burglary in the 1st Degree

C.G.S. 53a-107, Criminal Trespass in the 1st Degree

Haddad was held a $30,000 cash/surety bond and transferred to the custody of the CT Department of Corrections pending his scheduled arraignment at Rockville Superior Court, on 11/08/2023.


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