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Troopers Make Arrest in Connection with Electronic Stalking Investigation in Goshen

On 03/27/2023, at approximately 8:11 a.m., Troop B in North Canaan was contacted by an adult female complainant reporting that she had located an Apple AirTag on her vehicle.

Upon meeting the complainant at her residence in Goshen, the complainant informed the investigating Trooper that she had located an Apple AirTag tracking device on the interior of the front driver’s side wheel rim of her vehicle. The complainant explained that she had received an alert on her phone indicating that an AirTag device was moving with her, during the month of February 2023, but believed that the notification was generated due to a relative having left a set of Apple AirPods earbuds inside of her vehicle.

According to the complainant, following the initial notification, her vehicle had been driven infrequently up until approximately March 24, 2023, when she received another notification on her phone while driving, indicating that an Apple AirTag was moving with her.

The complainant explained that on that same date, after searching her vehicle for approximately two hours with the assistance of a relative, an AirTag device was found attached to the inside of her vehicle’s driver’s side front wheel rim with an adhesive substance. According to the complainant, the AirTag was removed from the vehicle and secured in a plastic bag, which she transported back to her residence, prior to contacting Troop B. The complainant further explained to the investigating Trooper that these events had caused her to fear for her personal safety and that of her family members.

The AirTag was subsequently seized as evidence and secured at Troop B.

The investigating Trooper applied for and was granted a search and seizure warrant for subscriber information associated with the specific serial number on the AirTag located by the complainant.

On May 3, 2023, the investigating Trooper received the subscriber information, which indicated that the AirTag’s serial number was associated with an Anthony Magro, with a last known address in Torrington.

The complainant indicated to the investigating Trooper that she was not familiar with and had no known interactions with Anthony Magro.

On May 4, 2023, investigators attempted to make contact with Magro at his last known address but were unsuccessful. Upon speaking with a neighbor, investigators learned that Magro was no longer residing at that location.

On May 8, 2023, the investigating Trooper made contact with Magro, who explained that he was currently residing in Bridgeport. When asked if he would be willing to meet with the Trooper, Magro explained that he did not drive and that he would need to arrange for transportation to meet with the Trooper before scheduling a time to meet.

Following the Trooper’s initial communication with Magro, multiple attempts were made to contact Magro to schedule a meeting. Each time the Trooper attempted to call Magro, the call was forwarded to a voicemail box, which identified the call recipient as “Anthony Robert Magro Jr.”.

On August 23, 2023, investigators developed information that Magro had begun using a new phone number and again attempted to contact Magro, but the call was forwarded to voicemail. Additional attempts were made to contact Magro at his new phone number with each call being forwarded to voicemail.

Based upon the information obtained during the investigation, the Trooper applied for and was granted a warrant for the arrest of Anthony Magro, DOB 01/15/1999, of Bridgeport. 

On February 7, 2024, contact was made with Magro in the town of West Haven. Based upon the active warrant for his arrest, Magro was taken into custody and transported to Troop B in North Canaan where the warrant was served, charging him with the following violation:

C.G.S. 53a-181f, Electronic Stalking

Magro was released on a $10,000 cash/surety bond and is scheduled for arraignment at Torrington Superior Court, on 02/16/2024.

If you receive a notification that a tracking device is nearby and believe that you may be in danger, please contact police as soon as it is safe to do so.


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