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Troopers Catch "Slick" Thieves

Troop L in Litchfield received a 911 call regarding a suspicious vehicle parked near a restaurant on Birge Park Road in Harwinton. Troopers located the suspect vehicle fleeing the scene, but were able to stop the vehicle on Route 8. Troopers determined that the two occupants had allegedly stolen 500 gallons of used cooking oil. The suspects were arrested, please see attached criminal information summary.

These kinds of thefts are becoming more common due to the rise in gasoline and home heating oil costs. A restaurant's used cooking oil can be converted to biodiesel, an alternative to petroleum diesel and can be used for transportation fuel and heating. They can get top dollar on the black market for the used oil.

On 01/12/2023 at approximately 0544, Troopers from Troop-L were dispatched to 178 Birge Park Rd. in the town of Harwinton for the report of a suspicious vehicle occupied by two males who were attempting to commit larceny. The vehicle was then stopped on Rt. 8 in the Town of Harwinton by responding Troopers.

The operator of the vehicle, Isaac Then (DOB 04/25/1997), and the passenger Jeyson Santiago (DOB 07/09/1997) were subsequently placed into custody and transported to Troop-L for arrest processing. Then and Santiago were charged with Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree,- C.G.S.53a-116, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny- C.G.S. 53a-48(MB), and Criminal Trespass 1st Degree- C.G.S. 53a-107, Then was also charged with Speeding- C.G.S. 14-219b10, Operating Without a License- C.G.S. 14-36(a) and Disobeying

the Signal of an Officer- C.G.S. 14-223(a)*. Isaac Then and Jeyson Santiago were transported to GA-18 Torrington on a $25,000 Cash Bond and are scheduled to appear in court on 01/13/2023 at 0900 hours at GA-18 Torrington.

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