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Ten K9 Teams Graduate as Part of 241st Patrol K9 Class

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

(Middletown CT – December 21, 2023) – The Connecticut State Police proudly announces the graduation of the most advanced patrol canine teams, who are now ready to serve and protect our communities with unwavering dedication and skill.  This highly anticipated graduation marks an important milestone in enhancing public safety in the State of Connecticut. 


The Connecticut State Police 241st Patrol K9 Class graduates completed an intensive and rigorous 15-week training program in their pursuit of excellence.  The ten (10) graduating canine teams have successfully completed an extensive curriculum that encompasses a wide range of skills including locating missing family members, locating critical evidence during investigations, crucial support to law enforcement officers, and community engagement.  As we welcome these exceptional canine teams into active service, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the trainers, handlers, and all those involved in their support and training. 


Special thanks to Commissioner Ronald P. Welch and the state Department of Veterans Affairs for use of the VA facility in Rocky Hill for today’s graduation ceremony.


The graduating canine teams are: 

Trooper Julia Bickford K9 Hall               Troop F, Westbrook Trooper Alyssa Stephens        K9 Mohl          Troop I, Bethany

Officer Joseph Albani              K9 Cobra           Bridgeport Police Dept.

Officer Patrick Tuths                K9 Bronco         Bridgeport Police Dept. Officer Matthew Alexander    K9 Duke             Enfield Police Dept.

Officer Sean Owens                K9 Rip                Milford Police Dept.

Officer Daniel Witts                  K9 Sig                Montville Police Dept.

Officer David Curtain                K9 Drago          Torrington Police Dept.

Officer Stephen Rimkus           K9 Foley           Waterbury Police Dept.

CO Joseph Garriga                    K9 Ozzy            Dept of Correction




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