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On the morning of March 7, 2024, Connecticut State Police received two unrelated phone calls from victims with the same last name who both have out of state phone numbers but reside in Connecticut.

In the first instance, the victim took a phone call from a male who appeared to have an accent and advised the victim that they were investigating text fraud. The caller then attempted to verify personal information of the victim.

In the second instance, the caller also appeared to have an accent and identified himself as being a US Marshal working with CT State Troopers. He told the female victim that there was an arrest warrant for her.

Both victims became suspicious and hung up on the caller. The caller made it appear as if the calls came from a State Police phone number.

If you find yourself receiving a phone call that appears to be from the police or the caller claims to be from police, your State Troopers encourage you to confirm the source before providing any personal information over the phone (including your social security number, banking information, credit card numbers or any other personal identifying information).

Hang up on the suspicious caller and contact the institution that is allegedly calling you to confirm that they are the true source of the request. Report suspicious calls by calling 911.


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