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Putnam Man Arrested for Manslaughter, Conspiracy to Commit Assault and Narcotics Charges

Walter Lawson, DOB 12/12/82 was extradited from the state of Maine by Eastern District Major Crimes Detectives. Lawson was previously apprehended in Maine by the U.S. Marshal Service. Lawson was arrested on the strength of three (3) separate arrest warrants for his involvement in multiple incidents spanning from September 2023- May 2024. Charges are listed below:

Warrant 1: 2300385864

CGS 53a-55; Manslaughter 1st Degree

($1,000,000 bond)

Warrant 2: 2400002171

CGS 21a-278a; Possession of Narcotics w/Intent to Sell- Person Under Age of 18

CGS 21a-279; Possession of Narcotics

($275,000 bond)

Warrant 3: 2400184292

CGS 53a-48/59; Conspiracy to Commit Assault 1st Degree

($250,000 bond)

Lawson was held on a total of $1,525,000 in bond and is scheduled to be arraigned at Danielson Superior Court today, 6/28/24. Please see attached arrest warrants/criminal information summaries.

CIS 2300385864 (2)
Download PDF • 1.38MB

CIS 2400002171 2400184292
Download PDF • 2.59MB

AW 2300385864
Download PDF • 6.06MB

AW 2400002171
Download PDF • 8.98MB

AW 2400184292
Download PDF • 4.44MB


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